Spreading Christmas Love!

Today we received a phone call from Marina, one of our oldest foster children, who expressed a desire to make Christmas a reality for the children at the orphanage where she once lived. Marina is married to a wonderful man and has two beautiful children and is an amazing wife, mom and daughter! We are so proud of the woman she has become and we love her and her family so much!

The picture is of a few of the children from the orphanage. We would love to help Marina make this a beautiful Christmas for these children. For around $650 we can provide 30 children each with an individual gift, each caretaker a gift and a meal and dessert table for everyone! Would you consider helping us spread the joy of our Saviors birth by bringing some joy to this orphanage!

Thank you so much and may you be blessed with love, peace and joy this Christmas!

Ruslan and Archana

All donations are tax deductible:
Raising Hope, Inc.
116 Herman Harrison Dr.
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Memo: Christmas at orphanage


Summer fun has begun – camps!

Hello to all our family and friends! We are really excited to share about the first camp this summer! This one is especially exciting since it is a camp at the local village school for over 100 children! We have been allowed to come in and share the gospel and hold some fun activities for the kids during the day! Below are some pictures from camp at the village school. 


Snack time at the village school camp!


Morning assembly


OM team of camp counselors

We are also really blessed to be able to have a camp in the afternoon for kids from the neighborhood where our church is, children from families of war veterans and kids from our church.  The team is staying busy with lots of kiddos! Below are some pictures from the church camp. 


Learning about who God is


Bible lesson


Group activities!


Praise and worship

We are so thankful to have a group of young people that want to come out and serve and share Jesus with so many kids.  We ask your prayers for all the team members as of Monday, they were already experiencing some attacks with stomach issue and vomitting.  Please be praying for Ruslan as he is juggling having the team at our home, meals, work and our family – all without me, Archie, by his side. He’s my hero!  We are thankful to each and everyone of you for your prayers and support. May you be blessed!

Dinner at our home


An update on Pasha

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for Gala and her son, Pasha. After much sickness, treatment for Pasha’s eye and overall health of Pasha restricting them from making the trip to Odessa, this past Tuesday, we hired a driver to take them to Odessa to meet with the doctors for their long awaited consultation.  Praise God! The doctors found that Pasha does not need  eye surgery, but will have a long road ahead of him with some treatments for his eye in order to save his eye and eyesight. , but the doctors do believe he will not lose his eye or eyesight. This is a blessing as he is already blind in one eye. 

We have used around $300 of the funds that we’re raised for Pasha in order to cover getting them to Odessa as well as some medications. We will continue using the funds raised to help cover the medical treatment in order to save his eye and eyesight. We will continue to keep you all updated on th progress if Pasha’s eye. Thank you all SO much for your prayers and support.  

Update on Pasha

First, thank you for your prayers. We are sorry ya for the delay in getting you all an update on Pasha. Things in Ukraine are not always the easiest and the quickest! Finally, yesterday, Gala got doctors approval to travel to Odessa with Pasha for consultation for his eye surgery, this is long awaited since he has been receiving treatment for the flu as well as an additional issue with his eye.  

Gala and Pasha will be traveling by train and will be seen on Monday or Tuesday at the eye clinic. Please pray for clear direction on what needs to be done and that he will not lose his eye and will be able to save his sight. In addition, please pray for Gala as she is quite nervous about taking Pasha to Odessa and traveling with him, as it is not easy by herself. We will keep you posted as soon as they arrive in Odessa and we hear from them next week. 

Blessings and hugs and love to each of you!