First, thank you for your prayers. We are sorry ya for the delay in getting you all an update on Pasha. Things in Ukraine are not always the easiest and the quickest! Finally, yesterday, Gala got doctors approval to travel to Odessa with Pasha for consultation for his eye surgery, this is long awaited since he has been receiving treatment for the flu as well as an additional issue with his eye.  

Gala and Pasha will be traveling by train and will be seen on Monday or Tuesday at the eye clinic. Please pray for clear direction on what needs to be done and that he will not lose his eye and will be able to save his sight. In addition, please pray for Gala as she is quite nervous about taking Pasha to Odessa and traveling with him, as it is not easy by herself. We will keep you posted as soon as they arrive in Odessa and we hear from them next week. 

Blessings and hugs and love to each of you!