Pasha’s eye surgery

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for all your prayers for Pasha.  We spoke with his mom, Gala, today and found out that he has the flu and so cannot go for his surgery or any treatment until he is better. They have had second, third, fourth opinions and are getting mixed diagnoses and treatment. Some doctors are saying that he needs to have his eye removed and others are saying that his eye can be saved and treated. As soon as he is better they will travel to Odessa where there is a progressive eye clinic, to see what they say can be done. We will keep you all posted. In the meanwhile, we are so thankful for your prayers and Gala and Pasha are so grateful to you all. 


Update: Pasha’s eye surgery

Dear Family and Friends!

We want to say thank you to all of you for your prayers and support for Gala and her son Pasha.  We wanted to give you all an update on how Pasha is doing.  We spoke with his mom, Gala, today and she told us that they were at the doctor this week and Pasha’s eye pressure is high and so he is having some treatments in order to reduce the pressure and they will go back to the doctor on Monday and hopefully leave for Odessa the same day. Please be in prayer for Pasha at this time.  We will keep you posted.  Blessings, love and hugs!

Ruslan and Archana
Raising Hope, Inc.

Update: Urgent need -Pasha’s eye surgery¬†

Dear Family and friends,

We want to again say thank you! We have received and/or have commitments for $1200 for Pasha’s eye surgery! What an amazing God we serve! The funds received over the amount needed for the surgery will be used to help transport Pasha to Odessa where he will have his surgery and also help pay for other expenses, medication, an apartment, food, medications, etc. We are so thankful to each of you for your prayers and support! We will post pictures and more information as soon as they are available. 

May The Lord richly bless you all. 

We love you!

Ruslan and Archana
Raising Hope, Inc.

Update: Urgent Need – Pasha’s eye surgery

Dear Family and Friends, 

We want to thank all of you for your prayers for our dear friend, Gala and her son Pasha. Praise God for His provision for them, we have already received $700 of the $1000 in need, so we thank you all so much for your quick response and heart to their need. We ask for your continued prayers that the remaining $300 is covered and that they are able to work on scheduling the surgery as soon as possible. It is Easter this weekend, so it may be difficult to do a surgery. But we are praying for God to provide in every way! Thank you all again and we will keep you posted as soon as we know something knew. Blessings to each of you!

A Belated Update from January

Dear family and friends,
It’s hard to believe that January has come to an end and spring is just around the corner! But for right
now, we are still heavy into winter here in Ukraine. We see the Lords blessing, grace and mercy
everyday in taking care of us, even with the weather! It hasn’t been a terrible winter with major snows
thus far and therefore keeping houses heated whether by wood or gas has been fairly reasonable for
all. Praise God! We thank each of you for your prayers and support, we feel you are all with us.
We had a wonderful New Years and Christmas with our family, church family, friends and new friends.
Our favorite thing to do as a family over the holidays is to bless other families with some groceries and
gifts to celebrate the holidays that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We are so thankful to so many of you
who gave to our family and to Raising Hope, Inc. in order for us to be able to continue to bless some
families this season. Many families were in need of help this year more than what what we’ve seen in
the past several years due to the Ukrainian grevna falling in price – everything has almost tripled in
A big thanks to our friends at Trinity UMC in Hershey, PA who raised over 3700$ for Raising Hope. The
pictures shown are only a small portion of what we have been able to do thus far with the funds they
raised. We still have many projects in the future! On January 12th we held an outreach at our church
and invited over 40 families of war vets to come and hear about Jesus. They all showed up!

Prayer Requests:
* Soldiers, families and peace in the east.
Things are heating up again and we don’t
know what may happen each day. Bombs
have been set off in Kyiv, the capital city, Lviv,
a far west city and all over the east killing
hundreds of people.
* How we need to help with refugees and
soldiers. People are trying to escape the east
in large numbers and finding a place for them
in central and western Ukraine is difficult.
* Finances – we are still dealing with the price
of everything increasing drastically daily. What
we could buy for 800 grevna is now costing
well over 2400 grevna. We have been
receiving a small amount of money each
month from the government and we don’t
know if they will continue to support homes
like ours as we are hearing many government
jobs are not going to be receiving salaries. It is
costing us an extra $1200/month to care for
our family.
* Safety – all the schools, music school and
extracurricular activities have been closed to
outsiders. Meaning, no one is allowed in the
schools, not even parents.

Please visit our website ( to make an online donation or for more information.

We love you,
Ruslan, Archana and family

Update: 8/13/14

Dear Family and Friends,

We are thankful for all your prayers and love and support! What a strange and crazy but blessed time we are in right now. We are thankful to be a part of what God is doing here in Ukraine. Although it is such a volatile time and we never know what we are going to hear each day, we know that God is capable of all things and bigger than all that is happening.

We wanted to give you all a quick update on what’s happening with Pastor Vitalyi in Luhansk. He is still transporting people out of the city and bringing food, medicine and supplies into the city for those that are unable to leave. We received a phone call at 10pm tonight letting us know of a need to buy a generator, with no electricity in the city there is a desperate need to provide electricity somehow. They have gathered some funds and the remaining funds that are needed is 300$. If anyone is interested in helping out it would be a blessing beyond words!

We also have a need as a family as we are preparing to purchase school supplies for the kids. With the dollar rising even more these past few days it is getting more and more expensive to make ends meet each day. It will require around $70/ child in order to set them up for the school year with notebooks, pens, glue, scissors, clay, paint and other supplies.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for loving us and encouraging us.

We love you,

Ruslan and Archie
Raising Hope, Inc.
116 Herman Harrison Dr.
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Memo: how you would like your funds allocated

We are also excited to announce that we are on the web and it is possible to donate online!